At any time in Illinois, you might see any number of things cruising down your street. Vehicles obviously, the occasional dog walker, exercise freaks...oh and tornadoes. That's what one family saw zooming down their street recently.

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This brand new video share doesn't mention the location, but I know for a fact it's Illinois and I'll prove it shortly. First, watch the compelling video of a vicious little twister that is traveling down their street via their doorbell camera.

So why am I so sure this is a video from Illinois? The video description on YouTube says this was captured on July 12, 2023. On that day, there was a tornado outbreak in the Chicago area where numerous tornadoes were reported in Illinois as confirmed by the National Weather Service.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

It was on July 12, 2023 that tornado sirens were even heard in the metro area of Chicago.

You just never know what you'll see going down your street in Illinois. Next time you suspect it might be a tornado, maybe don't peek out the door hole to see what's going down your street. Could be a twister coming to knock on (down) your door.

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