TSA officials are stressing the importance of knowing airline rules when traveling with a pet after a dog in a closed backpack went through the X-ray machine at an airport in Madison, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Airline Traveler Leaves Dog in a Closed Backpack

If you're on Twitter, I'm guessing you've seen this Tweet from the Transportation Security Administration - Great Lakes Region pop up many times on your newsfeed...

I understand that accidents happen, but how does someone forget that they have a dog zipped up inside their carry-on backpack?!? Thankfully, airport X-ray machines do not emit harmful amounts of radiation, but still.

This person may not have known airline rules when it comes to traveling with pets, but I'm pretty sure any decent pet owner, (or person), knows that zipping a dog up in a backpack not meant to be a pet carrier is a truly awful thing to do. Or maybe that is just me?

Before I take my judgemental attitude any further, let's find out the proper way to fly with your pets.

Tips For Flying With Pets

First off, use an appropriate pet carrier to transport them and remove them from it when you get to the security checkpoint.



Every airline has its own set of rules for traveling with pets, but I will tell you most of them charge a fee and must be notified in advance about the additional passenger. Here are some more important things you should know about flying with pets according to petfriendlytravel.com;

  • Try to take your pet in the cabin with you
  • Don't sedate them if you don't have to. It messes up their ability to maintain balance and equilibrium, which could make adjusting to altitude changes dangerous for your pet.
  • Most airlines consider pet carriers a carry-on, so they must be small enough to be stowed underneath a seat.

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