If you are looking to fill in some tan lines and get away from the neighbors then a nudist campground might be the place you are looking for.  And if you want to bring the entire family in their birthday suits then you should take a look at this Illinois campground below which describes itself as "a family-oriented nudist campground".

There are also way more things to do in the buff than just swimming and filling in those tan lines.  Some of them really seem dangerous while you let it all hang out.

Shedding Our Clothes Not Our Morals

Blue Lake Resort
Blue Lake Resort

Blue Lake Resort Campground is located in the Rock River Valley about 30 minutes to the northeast of the Quad Cities and 2 hours from Chicago.  20 acres of sun and shade (for when those parts that haven't seen the sun in a while) are ready with a whirlpool, swimming pool, pool table, and children's playground...ok gotta stop right here a second.

Have you gone down these slides while clothed?  Those things get HOT!  And your legs totally stick while sliding down.  Now imagine that on all your bits and pieces.  Youch!

You can camp in one of the motel rooms they have, the cabin, hook up the RV or go full camping mode nude in a tent.

There is also a sandy beach and sand volleyball courts.  A lot of sand there to get in a lot of places.

Blue Lake Resort Moto

Blue Lake Resort
Blue Lake Resort

"Born Nude.  Live Nude."  The Blue Lake Resort Mission statement says,

Our mission is to help our members and guests experience the freedom and fun of nude recreation. Our resort welcomes couples, families of all ages, and singles who want to experience body acceptance. Being comfortable has nothing to do with size, shape or condition. We promote family-oriented nudism, which is wholesome and respectful. Discussions of swinging and recruiting are not welcome here. We wish to promote a safe, welcoming environment where guests can relax and feel comfortable.

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You probably have some questions now.  Well, Blue Lake Resort has answers for some of the most common questions.

They say it's not hard to be nude in front of other people.  They say to just jump in.  (Just be careful where you land.

Of course, another FAQ is "I'm a man and I'm afraid I'll become aroused."  Blue Lake Resort says that rarely happens.  "This is not a sexual situation and there-by you probably won't react as if it was. Nudism is a natural and peaceful lifestyle."

The last question you might have is can you just be nude some of the time?  Nope!  It's 24/7 nothing but skin.

Unlike some parks, we are not clothing optional. So, visitors and members are expected to be nude while staying at our park. There are certain exceptions noted in our rates & rules page. The nudity rule [which is pretty much all the time] goes for everyone in your party, mom, dad, and all the kids. If one person in you group does not want to be nude, you will all have to leave the park and maybe try again another day. We are very proud of being a "family" park, not a peep show.

The resort has a 4.6 Google Review score with all positive and no creepy reviews.  Take a look at what you can find...clearly not clothing...at Blue Lake Resort 10430 Cooper Rd in Erie Illinois.  And if you are up for it, let it all hang out.

Nude Family Camground in Illinois

The family that plays naked together stays together. You can play all day in the sun with plenty of sunscreen in all the places needed at Blue Lake Resort.

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