Here's a way to beat the traffic and heat.

A man in Munich, Germany swims to work each day, reports the BBC, as a way to avoid the aggravation that goes along with traditional commuting.

Benjamin David packs everything he needs for his job into a waterproof bag, specially designed in Switzerland, and hops in the Isar River for a 1.24-mile swim to the office where probably no one wants to be near him, what with that whole river odor he's gone permeating over him.

"The traffic on the road next to the Isar is so wild that it is no fun," he says. "When I'm swimming, I am indeed quicker and also more relaxed."

David's unorthodox commute actually saves him time. After he reaches his destination, he grabs a cappuccino to warm up and has some time to savor it, unlike his co-workers, who have to overcome all the traffic before getting to work.

And we know you're wondering, so we can tell you that David doesn't swim to work in the winter.

And if he ever gets laid off, perhaps he can hook up with a job delivering pizza.

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