On Wednesday March 1st  2023, a gun was recovered at Rockford's Auburn High School, school continued as normal. What??? WIFR

"Police are investigating Wednesday after a gun was reportedly found on campus at a Rockford high school." WIFR

A press release surfaced yesterday about a weapon that was discovered at Auburn High School. Administrators were made aware of a gun on the schools campus, Rockford Police were called and they were able to locate the weapon. So the story in over, things are done...right?

I don't know all of the specifics and the proper protocol for all of this, but isn't it normal to put the school on lockdown when there is a weapon? This is done for the safety of the students and staff of the high school. So why was Auburn High School able to continue the school day as normal, with no lockdown? This is a question that many are asking of Rockford School District 205.

This was addressed (sort of) in the press release...the safety of the students and staff that is:

"There is nothing more important than the safety of our students and staff. Our students deserve to both feel safe at Auburn and be physically safe. Weapons have no place in our school, and this behavior is not aligned with our values or what our students or staff deserve." - Jenny Keffer, Principal Auburn High School

Ken DeCoster, a media professional that has covered Rockford for decades, has questioned the lack of response from 205:

Ken DeCoster - Facebook
Ken DeCoster - Facebook

So what gives?

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