I'm pretty sure every town, city, or village in the World has its own haunted stories to tell, but have you ever heard about the infamous haunts of the Milwaukee Public Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? YIKES!

Milwaukee Public Museum's Most Infamous Ghost

Whenever you go on a hunt for the most haunted places throughout Wisconsin, you will quickly learn that the Milwaukee Public Museum is included on a LOT of lists. Why? Primarily because of one man named Dr. Stephan Francis Borhegyi.

Milwaukee Public Museum via mpm.edu
Milwaukee Public Museum via mpm.edu

Dr. Borhegyi began serving as the Milwaukee Public Museum's Director in 1959 and was one of the major driving forces behind the museum's most popular exhibit, "The Streets of Old Milwaukee".

Milwaukee Magazine had this to say about Dr. Borhegyi;

Legendary in his own time, he cut a dramatic figure while clad in his signature outfit: a dashing cape, paired with a string tie. Recognized for his courtly manners, the Hungarian from aristocratic stock was known to kiss the hands of ladies and present heel-cracking bows to distinguished guests.

Dr. Borhegyi apparently loved his job as Director of the Milwaukee Public Museum so much that he never left...even after he was killed in a car accident not too far from the museum in 1969.

The Ghost of Dr. Stephan Francis Borhegyi

According to one Milwaukee Magazine article, many security guards and museum staff members have reported seeing "a man in a cape out of the corner of their eyes as they walk through the exhibits on the third floor."

Other strange experiences take place on the third floor of the Milwaukee Public Museum too including; motions sensors going off on their own, an elevator that frequently arrives on the third floor with no passenger inside, cold spots, and mysterious mists.

Are all these creepy things the work of Dr. Borhegyi's ghost, or are other spirits to blame as well?

The "Creepiest Items at the Milwaukee Public Museum"

When I was trying to dig up more spooky stories about the Milwaukee Public Museum, I found this YouTube video about a "haunted" Peruvian mummy that also resides at the museum...

Do you have a major case of goosebumps now too? Maybe you should visit the Milwaukee Public Museum for yourself today! Get all the info you need at mpm.edu.

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