They rebuilt the intersection of West Circle Drive and Cheateau Road a few years ago, on news that another Walgreen's store was going to be built there. But something else is under construction there instead.


If you've been to the Walmart North area recently, you may have noticed that vacant lot across West Circle Drive from Kwik Trip. That intersection with Cheateau Road was rebuilt a few years ago, and word was that a new Walgreen's was going to be built there.

But according to this KTTC-TV story, it isn't a Walgreen's currently under construction in northwest Rochester. Instead, it's apparently going to be a new MedExpress Urgent Care walk-in clinic.

The new clinic will be able to offer treatment if you're suffering from "the flu, colds, asthma, broken bones or other common troubles," the story said, all without an appointment. The MedExpress chain operates 260 locations around the country, the story says, and is typically open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I think it'll be kind of a cool addition to the Med City. You can't beat the world-class care that Mayo Clinic provides, but I was always a little surprised that there wasn't a urgent care, walk-in clinic here in Rochester. When I lived back in Eau Claire, I found myself heading there for those minor, yet urgent-type ailments rather than heading to the ER.

You can read more about MedExpress HERE.

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