Time for another laugh! Have you ever had these thoughts before?

Last week, I made some observations (sarcastic and funny ones) about particular girls who go to particular bars in Rochester. This time, I thought we'd all enjoy comparing girls and towns in our area.

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How accurate are these? Here are some observations I've made while I've traveled to these towns in the area. If you have suggestions on ones to add - feel free to comment with them below!

  • New Winona bridge-MNDOT photo
    New Winona bridge-MNDOT photo


    Her name is Riley, but she goes by "Rye." She's probably a freshman in college, and only out of her parent's house for three months now.

    Her idea of "working out" is doing two (and only two) laps around Lake Winona or a routine at Maxwell.

    She's pretty artsy, but decided to study nursing because most of her floor in Sheehan Hall is doing the same thing. In fact, she's so basic, she's already downed three pumpkin spice lattes before I finished typing this.

  • Ansley Jones
    Ansley Jones


    I'm going to guess that her name is likely Rebecca, but she strictly goes by "Becca."

    She's a Target shopper. She may or may not work at Mayo, but you know she's got a Mayo pullover in her closet. She's a runner or bike rider. She's got two kids that she totes to soccer practice on 41st St. NW every Monday and Wednesday. 90% of her Facebook posts are about her kids.

    She's married to Josh and she forces Instagram selfies with him because darn it, they're just so cute! They regularly have date nights at Bleu Duck or Terza.

  • Google Street View
    Google Street View


    She's Patty, but don't call her anything but "Pat."

    She makes regular runs to Casey's on the way to work at a warehouse, a day at the farm, or as a nurse. She'll keep her hair short because she doesn't have the time to fuss.

    She's "no-nonsense", and everyone knows it.

  • 4

    Lake City

    If you're looking for a laid-back hippie who loves the water, let me introduce you to Jean!

    Jean can't let go of the 70's, but that's okay - her life in Lake City allows her to visit cute boutiques and several tasty restaurants. She's a teacher. She's also into the outdoors and keeps a boat on Lake Pepin. If the weather is nice, she's outside. Even if that means reading in a hammock in the front yard.

    She still washes her car herself.

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