Huge TikTok Star is a Cow That's Just 2 Hours from Rochester...and the cow loves DQ

Have you met Gucci yet?  This cow is a HUGE TikTok star who recently was thrown into the limelight again because of a trip to Dairy Queen.  Ok, the cow wasn't driving but Gucci was in the car with Mason Corkery when they went to get a sweet treat.  Now, Gucci the cow is going viral!

Over 8 million people have watched a TikTok video about a cow eating Dairy Queen

I can't imagine driving a car with a COW inside but Mason has a special bond with his beloved 7-month-old calf with him recently on a trip to Dairy Queen.  Check out the hilarious video below that over 8.1 million people have watched so far on TikTok.

Why is someone making TikTok's about cows?

You can make TikTok's about anything but according to the Des Moines Register, Mason Corkery is using his to help promote local farming.  He's done a great job spreading the word because this video has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS News, and caught my attention too!  If you'd like to add to his "follower" count, check out his TikTok page here.

Heads up, their next adventure is Chick-fil-A!

Mason Corkery gave a little tease on his page that their next stop is going to be a Chick-fil-A, which is really funny because there are cow photos all over Chick-fil-A.  I'm just not sure if a cow has ever actually ATE at a Chick-fil-A.

Did you know that you can take a dog to get free treats in Rochester?

It isn't just cows that can get free treats at Dairy Queen.  Dogs can too!  Check out the list below of all the spots in Rochester where you can make your furry friend feel like they are the most important animal in the world.

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8 Places in Rochester Where Your Dog Can Get a Free Treat

Next time you are on a car ride with your furry friend, stop by one of these spots in Rochester. They've got a special treat waiting for your dog!

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