This woman from Illinois found the life hack to getting ripped at the gym. The only things you need: a treadmill and leggings.

If you thought you're already putting yourself out there and working out at a public gym, wait until you hear what happened to Alyssa Konkel.

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It was just a regular day at the gym for Alyssa as she worked out on a treadmill by herself.  Wearing a tank top, leggings, and running shoes, what could go wrong?

A Gym-Goers Worst Nightmare

This hilarious video has now gone viral on the internet after Alyssa shared the video to TikTok.  You can see her running at a normal pace and then she starts to pick up some speed.  She sets her machine to a 10 speed... pretty bold, girl!

Youtube - Compass Media
Youtube - Compass Media

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That's when she trips, tries to cling onto the treadmill to catch herself, and then the worst possible thing happens.

Alyssa falls on the treadmill and her leggings get pulled right off of her body.  Kinda crazy how fast her pants get ripped from her lol.

Illinois Woman Loses Pants After Falling On Treadmill [VIDEO]

In an interview, Alyssa told reporters:

"'I felt so embarrassed. I had to leave immediately. I was just running at the gym and my pants got sucked off!'" [dailymail]

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Youtube - Compass Media
Youtube - Compass Media

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Luckily, there was a woman in the gym to come save her after her fall.  She did have other injuries on her face and knees, but recovering from embarrassment is probably the toughest part about this situation.

I could never go back to that gym after that... kudos to Alyssa for finding humor in the entire incident and sharing it with the world for some laughs!

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