If you're in a disagreement with your significant other, this is not a recommended way to end it.

How To Handle An Argument With Your Significant Other

No couple is perfect. At some point, you're going to get into an argument about something. It could be small and stupid. There are also the big ones that could go on for a while. Some people fight all the time but for others, it's not very often. The main thing is to make sure it doesn't get too ugly and that you work through the issue to just move on. Of course for a few, it's all about winning. That's not a recommended course of action.

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Dangerous Way To Try And Win An Argument

This incident happened in the suburbs of Chicago. This couple was driving to their next destination when they started arguing. How many times has that happened to people in general? My guess is quite a bit so it's nothing new. This pair is a little different than your normal lovebirds. The man from Gurnee is 68 years old. The woman from Zion is 38 years old. That's a 30-year difference in the age between the two which is pretty significant. That could definitely cause some friction.

Illinois Man Crashes Car On Purpose During Argument

The girl must've said something that really upset her boyfriend because he lost it. He began threatening to kill them both. At that point, he hit the gas and headed off the road. The driver smashed into a tree head-on. The vehicle was totaled. Both people were seriously injured and rushed to the hospital. Luckily, neither is life-threatening.

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I would say it's a safe bet that the argument and relationship are both over with no winner of the fight.

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