There's one thing that can always get between two men in Illinois and that's a woman.

Relationships Are Difficult For People From Illinois

A loving relationship can go from one extreme to the other for couples in Illinois. One moment, it could be the most amazing thing you've ever experienced. Then the next thing you know, you're devasted after a bad breakup. It's all part of life. Hopefully, you find that special someone and don't have to go through too many times of heartache.

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One of the worst things about getting dumped is running into your ex and they're with someone else. That is a crushing blow to your feelings. Hopefully, you can make it through that situation with grace and dignity. Unfortunately, sometimes your emotions can take over the situation and it turns ugly. I've got the perfect example to share with you on what not to do if that ever happens.

Two Illinois Men Fight Over Woman

Two Illinois Men Get Into Brawl Over A Woman

This terrible situation occurred in Park Ridge. The current boyfriend and the ex-significant other of an Illinois woman recently ran into each other. That's never a good thing. Juan Ramirez was hurt over the fact he and his girlfriend broke up. It got much worse when the poor guy found out his former lady was now seeing someone else. When he ran into the new couple, he let his anger take over and the local police had to get involved.

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The ex-boyfriend went after the new man. The suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the poor guy several times. Here's where it takes a strange twist. He pulls out a BB gun and shot him a bunch of times too. Though it's not as bad as a real gun, it still hurts. Especially, after being cut with another weapon first. Luckily, the victim is going to be okay. The attacker is going to have some time to think about it in jail.

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