As we inch closer to spring (or so we hope), you may be itching to go swimming. Having a day in the mid 60's last weekend sure made spring feel like a reality. That is, until Sunday night. That was a dose of unwanted winter, right?

Sure, there are plenty of indoor pools in Iowa you can visit year-round, but wouldn't it be fun to have one available whenever you want, and with no strangers trying to swim, too?

I've scoured the state for homes for sale that has a swimming pool either in the backyard or inside the house. I found some very impressive options. So, if a home with a pool is on your wishlist, you can start your search here. If you're just browsing, no worries there, it's fun to dream.

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While we're dreaming, imagine going for a dip without having to drive, park, and in some cases, pay. Imagine no one else splashing you or fighting you for space. No random children screaming and running around like crazy. No one kicking you out because it's senior swim time. None of that, just YOUR pool. Yours to dive into... swim laps... or sip wine or a beer next to.

Some of these pools are attached to million-plus dollar homes, others more modestly priced homes. But all have one thing in common: a pool is a part of the package!

So grab your swim trunks aaaand, let's dive on in!

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