With the housing market being pretty out of control, you'd think it would be impossible to find a house for under $100,000, let alone under $50,000. But there's a house for sale in Iowa that's listed for less than $40,000! It's filled with history but also needs a little work.

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Historic Home for Sale in Mallard, Iowa

This home is in Mallard, Iowa (northwest part of Iowa, west of Clear Lake) and is listed for just $32,500. It was built in 1916 and... you can kind of tell. Some of the woodwork is awesome, not something you'd find in a home today, so I love that. But it also definitely needs some updates in other parts. Let's take a photo tour.

Iowa Home Filled with History Listed for Under $50,000

A home for sale in Mallard, Iowa was built in 1916, has tons of history, and is listed for only $32,500! But it definitely needs some work.

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