Martha Stewart - yes, that Martha Stewart - and Snoop Dogg - yes, that Snoop Dogg/Lion - are teaming up for a dinner party series on VH1. Yes, a dinner party series!

According to a press release from VH1, the series will "exemplify America’s fascination with food, entertaining and celebrity. ’Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party’ will redesign the traditional food competition shows in a new, different and very funny way."

The series with have Martha and Snoop hosting an assortment of their celebrity friends, and is scheduled to premier in the fall.

This seems like a potential must-watch, at least for the first couple episodes, just to see how Martha and Snoop interact with each other. They're certainly not your conventional pairing, but it could be a really good one.

Be prepared for words like casserole, rigatoni, ratatouille, and escarole to sound like the coolest words ever. Fo-shizzle my rigatizzle...