Members of Rochester's roller derby team stopped back into KOLM to talk about their season to date, goals and to Frank and Scotty's curiosity - Explain how the sport works!

Roller Derby is an exciting sport to watch - But it also helps if you know what the heck is going on!

Luckily our guests Pirate Queen and Kenz with Benefits were in studio to help clear things up a little.  Both ladies gave Frank and I a better understanding of the sport and explained some of the strategy that goes into a bout.

We also learned that Pirate spends most of her time in the penalty box...

So far on the season the squad is 2-2, but the Med City Mafia have a pair of bouts coming up: The first being THIS Saturday, May 28th against the SCAR Dolls of St. Cloud, Minnesota.  The next one goes down June 11th vs. Mississippi Valley Mayhem out of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Doors open at 6pm with the whistle blowing at 7:00 at the Graham Arena.  Pre-sale tickets are available at the Wicked Moose for $10 or you can get them at the door Saturday night for $12.