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As a big fan of Minnesota craft beer, I can't believe I didn't realize this 'new' beer isn't actually new-- it's just being sold with a new name.

There are SO many great beers and breweries here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes that it's almost tough to keep track of them all. One Minnesota beer, though, has been around a wee bit longer than most-- Summit Brewing in St. Paul. They brewed their first beer all the way back in 1986, and I've enjoyed their Summit EPA for years. So I was surprised to learn that what I thought was a new beer of theirs actually isn't new at all.

I'd noticed earlier this spring that Summit, which is a proud partner of the Minnesota Twins and is featured prominently at Target Field (in the Summit Brewing Pub in left field and elsewhere) had produced a new beer called 'Twins Pilsner.' It's available on tap and at liquor stores across the North Star State since March, right before the Twins season started. Its packaging features the Twins' logo and the light blue color found on the team's throwback jerseys.

But it's not actually a new beer!

According to the Summit Brewing website, the new 'Twins Pilsner' is actually just a rebrand of Summit's Keller Pilsner, which was first brewed in 2016 in honor of their 30th anniversary. It just now comes in some new, Twins-inspired packing and colors. (Which is pretty cool, btw.)

As the Official Hometown Craft Beer of the Minnesota Twins, this new packaging makes total sense. Plus, the product itself is great-- and is the same beer I've already been enjoying for several years. I'm a little embarrassed I didn't make the connection earlier-- even after having had a pint several pints of the 'new' brew!

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And the rebrand made sense for Summit-- and dollars, too. This Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal story said that the 'new' Twins Pilsner has now become Summit's third-best selling beer, behind Summit Saga IPA and their flagship beer, Summit EPA, and if trends continue, could move up to second-place next year!

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