Minnesota just got into the win column and now they face a good team who is unbeaten and they are unbeaten for a reason, they are good.

It will be a tough week for the Vikings, but the Schwamee thinks they will do it. It all depends on which quarterback shows up for the Vikings. If the "DO YOU LIKE THAT" guy shows up, it could be an upset in the brewing, if it's the regular Kirk, it might be lights out for him.

One of the most exciting games is the Thursday night game. Tom Brady vs Nick Foles. Nick is the backup who took over as a starter. Hmmm, this sounds familiar. Can Tom Brady beat Nick with a different team or is Nick the test back-up ever?

Can Teddy Bridgwater carry Carolina over Atlanta at home? Atlanta is the heartbreak team this year, good team, can't close the deal. Cincinnati is the same. That rookie looks good for them, but they are losing some close ones.

I thought New England looked like they could pull out a season where they say Tom who? However, when Cam Newton isn't in at QB, they look like they couldn't beat Detroit. (Sorry Lions Fans).

Schwamee thinks this is the week we will see some more separation between teams and we will see the cream rise to the top, so to speak.

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The Northland's Sports Page guys are close this week but the KOOL Schwamee has been hot!!

Here are this week's games with the picks and records down below.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers      Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals               New York Jets
Buffalo Bills                       Tennessee Titans
Carolina Panthers              Atlanta Falcons
Cincinnati Bengals             Baltimore Ravens
Jacksonville Jaguars        Houston Texans
Las Vegas Raiders           Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Rams          Washington Football Team
Philadelphia Eagles        Pittsburgh Steelers
Miami Dolphins               San Francisco 49ers
Denver Broncos             New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts          Cleveland Browns
New York Giants            Dallas Cowboys
Minnesota Vikings          Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Chargers     New Orleans Saints

Bye: Detroit, Green Bay

(43-19-1) Schwamee Picks: Atlanta, AZ, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Houston, LA Rams, Pittsburgh, SF, Denver, Cleveland, Dallas, TB, KC, MN, NO

(41-21-1) Brian Picks: TB, Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, KC AZ, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, LA Rams, SF, New England, Cleveland, Dallas, New Orleans, Seattle

(41-21-1) Dave Picks: TB, MN, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Houston, Dallas, AZ, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Washington, Miami, New England, Cleveland, LA Chargers

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