Will the Minnesota Vikings' new stadium actually be located on a stretch of road named for one of their rivals? Looks like it, if the Minneapolis Planning Commission has the final word.


The Planning Commission Monday took up the Vikings request to rename a stretch of Chicago Avenue that runs in front of the new, billion dollar U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis-- but ended up ruling against the team.

The Vikings apparently weren't too keen on having one of their NFC North rival cities in the address of their new stadium. We learned last week that the team requested a section of Chicago Avenue near the stadium be renamed, 'Vikings Way.'

Which I thought was a reasonable request. But the Planning Commission apparently didn't think so, as they denied turned down the proposal on a unanimous 8-0 vote Monday night, according to BringMeTheNews.

The story said the team could appeal the ruling to the full Minneapolis City Council, but a team spokesperson didn't say whether or not the team has decided to pursue that course of action. So, for now, at least, the stadium will remain located on Chicago Avenue.

The whole denial seems kind of silly-- even to me, a Wisconsin native and Packer fan. Heck, in Green Bay, they can't wait to rename streets in honor of the team. Lambeau Field itself is located at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, which intersects Holmgren Way and McCarthy Way-- streets all named for the three head coaches who won Super Bowls in Green Bay-- and isn't too far from Brett Favre Pass, a street named after the MVP Hall of Fame quarterback.

I'm not sure why the Minneapolis Planning Commission wouldn't just allow that stretch of road to be renamed in honor of the Vikings' new home field. What do you think?