My wonderful wife is one of the many individuals who have to sometimes park in less than desirable neighborhoods for work.  Last week she had an incident that prompted her to ask me about getting pepper spray.

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She was parked several blocks from work, and an individual she assumes lived nearby the incident, slipped and fell right next to her car.  My wife tried to check on her out of concern and was met with expletives and being screamed at.  Apparently, my wife being parked legally on a city street was the reason the woman fell.  She smacked my wife's car, then spit on her.  With that situation and even with my wife's normal calmness to almost every situation, I'm actually surprised my wife didn't knock her the hell out.  The woman then ran off and the situation was over.

I'm a big fan of law-abiding citizens getting a carry permit, a pistol, proper training, and legally carrying said pistol for self-protection.  There are times though when legal carry isn't always an option, and also shooting someone might not be the best way to approach something like getting spit on even if that might qualify as assault.  Many employers also do not allow law-abiding individuals to carry at their workplace.  What about pepper spray though?

When I consulted with Uncle Google, I could not find any Minnesota Statute specifically related to pepper spray.  Minnesota does have Statute 624.731 that addresses tear gas and electronic incapacitation devices, but again does not state anything regarding pepper spray.  Pepper spray is available to purchase at many establishments I've come across in Minnesota and sites online do mention some guidelines for possessing and using it.  They generally state things like: You must be 18 or older, not have any convicted felonies on record, and of course that it needs to only be used for self-defense.

Please don't just take my research and word on the matter, if you choose to carry pepper spray, check your local city, state, or county laws on pepper spray.  Also keep in mind that some employers might not be comfortable with you having it on your person at your jobsite.  It does appear though that having pepper spray as a non-lethal form of protection is legal for the most part in the State of Minnesota and just about every other state.  There are plenty of pepper spray brands and types out there and one that was recommended to us is made by Sabre.

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