Way back in 2017, we started hearing a voice in Southeast Minnesota that was not just amazing...it was phenomenal.  The person behind the voice soon became known as the popular Dr. Elvis who was working at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  Five years later, he's singing for all of us again!


Popular Singing Doctor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester is Back With New Song

If you are newer to Rochester, you may not know about the amazing guy we call Dr. Elvis.  He's got an amazing voice that many of us have heard live.  He got extremely popular while he was living in Rochester, Minnesota, and even ended up on "Inside Edition", "Ellen" and "The Masked Singer".

I was browsing through Instagram the other day and got pretty excited because I saw that Dr. Elvis, who has since moved to Georgia, has another amazing song out.  When you hear it, you'll agree that it is truly phenomenal.

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Check Out Dr. Elvis When He Was On The Masked Singer

I know we've got a lot of options of things to watch on TV so just in case you didn't have a chance to watch The Masked Singer episode with Dr. Elvis, you can today!  Turn the sound on and just take a moment to enjoy.  But first, here's what he had to say when he posted this on his Facebook page:

500 Miles
During my last year of Orthopedic Surgery residency I was rounding on a patient who was recovering from multiple operations for recurrent spine tumors. Her daughter asked me to sing a cover of the song 500 miles by Brennan Villines
One year later it’s the song I opened with on The Masked Singer
Here’s a toast to finding a way to make all of your dreams come true.
Much love to all of you beautiful people,
Doctor Elvis

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