One Illinois restaurant posted some important reasons why paying with cash is so beneficial for local businesses and it might make you reconsider grabbing a credit card next time you're shopping local.

Is Cash Still King?

I am 100 percent the person that rarely carries cash. Do I do it for safety reasons? Not really. It's mostly because if I have cash, I'll spend it, so paying with cards helps me stick to a budget.

Everything in this world seems to promote paying with cards and cash-less payments so many of us might forget that this behavior actually hurts the bottom line of locally-owned businesses in our community.

Here's an important example of that from the Rockton Inn Pub & Grub in Rockton, Illinois...

More Benefits For Paying With Cash Instead of a Credit Card

I'm assuming many of us unfortunately only think of the convenience of paying with cards, but here are some more benefits for paying with cash at restaurants and bars according to;

  • Cash transactions are often faster than those made with credit or debit cards.
  • Cash is a more secure form of payment. Credit and debit card information can be stolen through skimming devices or data breaches, but cash cannot be replicated or hacked.
  • Using credit cards can be a hassle when card readers break down or go offline, plus the machines are costly to maintain for restaurants.
  • Cash is accepted everywhere, and some restaurants offer discounts for paying with cash.

Will these reasons make you think twice about leaving all your cash at home? Not only can it help local businesses thrive and keep more money in your community, but it could actually save you from some hassle too. Sounds like a win/win to me!

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