Women don't get enough credit in my opinion. You always hear about successful men who have accomplished a lot with their career, but in this case it's a tip of the hat to the richest woman in Illinois who has managed to achieve a net worth that is 12 times that of even world famous actress Sandra Bullock.

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If you look at Forbes Billionaires list for 2023, you'll see one woman who rivals all others in Illinois when it comes to wealth and I do mean that as a compliment. I have a hard time fathoming $3.2 billion dollars, but that is what Forbes says is the net worth of Penny Pritzker.

To put Penny's accomplishments in perspective, Sandra Bullock's net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth is $250 million. That's quite a sum in itself. Doing some simple math, $3.2 billion is 12.8 times more than $250 million. So, I was being conservative by saying that Penny Pritzker is 12 times wealthier than Sandra Bullock actually.

I mention Sandra Bullock as a comparison as one of her most successful movies "While You Were Sleeping" was set in Chicago which is where Penny Pritzker calls home.

For what it's worth (money pun intended), Penny Pritzker is ranked #955 in the world according to Forbes when it comes to international finances. Forbes adds an interesting fact that makes Penny even more unique saying "Penny Pritzker is one of 11 billionaire heirs in the Pritzker clan, and the only one who has served in the White House."

Check out the full Forbes Billionaires list to see how the rich and sometimes famous live.

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