I guessed who the richest celebrity was from Illinois and I got it completely wrong. I can give you two hints, but you'll probably only need one. He's afraid of snakes.

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AOL just shared the list of the richest celebrity from each state. The key word is "from" and not "is". When it comes to Illinois, the man who has more riches than any other is famous for a character with a state in his name and it's not Illinois, it's Indiana.

Yes, the richest celebrity from Illinois is Harrison Ford aka Indiana Jones. Why did it have to be snakes?

The reason I got this wrong isn't because I'm not a fan of Harrison Ford. It's the fact that he has called Wyoming home for several years specifically living in Jackson.

Harrison Ford's childhood home in Chicago was at 109 N. Washington Avenue and it was recently sold according to NBC Chicago. They say he lived in that home with his family during his childhood in the 1950's.

Let's not forget that before Indiana Jones, Harrison gained fame has Han Solo in Star Wars.

When you're one of the stars of many of Hollywood's highest grossing movies, it's not surprising when you end up at the top of the richest celebrity list. The force (and the paychecks) are strong with this one.

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