I'm sorry, but June 30th seems just a tad bit too soon for what I saw at the North Target in Rochester, Minnesota.  I almost dropped the gallon of milk and stash of clearance items I don't actually need when I saw what I saw. 😡


Shocking Discovery Found in the Back of a Minnesota Target Store in June

Full Disclosure - I rarely shop at Target now.  I think their clothes for women who are in their 40's suck.  I am not going to wear a Little House on the Prairie Dress to work...or ever.  I nominate myself to be a buyer for your company because what you've got happening on those racks just isn't working for most of us.  Even the workout gear is some of the blandest and ugliest clothes I've seen in a long time.  You used to be my go-to for all athletic apparel too but now I will gladly pay extra for Under Armour because I refuse to wear clothing that doesn't even cover my belly button.  A large portion of the world DOES NOT want our belly button exposed.  And can we talk about the flesh-colored leggings...because those are horrid and we look like we are walking around naked all the time.

I can't believe Shanny Pants created the video below IN a Target but I'm so glad that she did...because it is spot on.

Besides the ugly clothes in the women's section, I saw something the other day as I was grabbing milk and half & half from the back of the store.  Right there, as I'm holding my gallon of milk, my jaw dropped open in disbelief because I saw...school supplies.  In JUNE!

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Is June Too Early for School Supply Shopping?

Obviously, my vote is yes.  Kids in Rochester weren't even out of school for a month before school supplies showed up on store shelves.  I know Longfellow, the year-round elementary school, starts at the end of July so they need school supplies.  But can we at least wait until July 1st before we have to try to decide between college and wide-ruled notebooks and hunt for the one color that every teacher has specified?

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Seriously, it just seems early, and I know that the Rochester Targets aren't the only ones who are putting those displays up in June.  This is happening all over Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin too.

Let me know what you think over on my Facebook page - Jessica Williams On The Radio.  I won't hate you if you disagree with me.  Quite a few people have already on my page.  I still love you but just know that I may send you a message with my kids' class lists so you can do the shopping for me this year.

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