What begins as a fairly typical 'SNL' sketch soon transforms into one of darker sketches the show has put on in recent memory, exploring the dissolution of a marriage thanks to dog food choices. Guest host Seth Rogen and regular cast member Cecily Strong bring their finest comedic chops to the scene, wringing every possible ounce of discomfort out of every moment.

The scene starts with a seemingly happy couple endorsing Blue River Dog Food, which they started using when they actually read the ingredients on the back of big name dog food. While Rogen keeps on trying to move ahead with the ad, Strong can't get over the fact that they've been feeding their dog crappy food for his entire life. Rogen says that those days are over now that they've switched to Blue River, but Strong only grows more upset, demanding an apology from their previous brand. Soon, the slow simmer boils over into full blown yelling and crying, with Strong making a scene and Rogen barely hanging onto his temper. It's dark stuff.

Thankfully, it's also funny stuff. Strong and Rogen bounce off each other perfectly -- her histrionics and his quietly raging responses feel all-too real, making a sketch that's all about an awkward and uncomfortable dog food commercial actually feel awkward and uncomfortable.