When someone says "you can crash here for the night," you're probably not expecting to stumble upon a scene that looks like an airplane made an abrupt landing.

A man in Kempster, Wisconsin, approximately 100 miles northwest of Green Bay, is offering just that as an Airbnb.

Turning A Plane Into A Wisconsin Airbnb

Joe Draeger told WSAW in Wausau that he started remodeling a 1941 DC-3 World War II-era plane last October after seeing a similar Airbnb listing for a stationary aircraft in Venezuela.

That listing was to only stay in part of the plane. Draeger wanted to go bigger.

"I thought it'd be neat if you're going to do that to do the whole thing," he told the TV station.

Less than a year later, Draeger has put nearly $60,000 into the project as the Airbnb is now open for guests. Only $10,000 of that was needed to purchase the plane.

According to the listing on Airbnb.com, the plane was "flown by the United States Marines for military transport services between Guam, Midway and Pearl Harbor."

What Does The Plane Look Like On The Inside?

Today, the plane has been remodeled into a full living space complete with air conditioning, heat, bathroom, shower  and a kitchen. Up to four people can sleep comfortably inside the plane.

While the plane has been remodeled to be an Airbnb, there are still parts of the inside that will likely make you still feel like you are on an aircraft. The plane's cockpit lights up and contains several of the original gauges and instruments if you want to live out your pilot dreams.

The plane is situated in a heavily wooded area complete with a lake and a fire pit for guests.

"We enjoyed the deck which had a view of the water and was very peaceful," a guest named Mary commented in a review after staying in the plane. "Great for morning coffee and talking with our friends."

LOOK: Wisconsin Man Converts WWII Plane Into Unique Airbnb Experience

A man in Kempster, Wisconsin has turned a plane used during WWII into an Airbnb where guests can spend the night and even sit in the cockpit. Nearly $60,000 was spent on the project to turn the plane into a livable space. Take a look at what this Airbnb offers guests both inside and out.

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