There are a few great ways to end an argument with your spouse, but after looking through multiple articles from therapists, and forums with answers, none of them really mention "Attempted Murder" as one of those solutions. That didn't stop one Alabama woman.

At 3:53am on Monday morning, officers in Piedmont, Alabama were called to a mobile home in the 600 block of Piedmont Cutoff Road in response to a report of a woman who had driven an International Commercial Truck into the home.

Officials said that leading up to the crash, the victim and suspect - 56-year-old Rhonda D. Young - had been arguing, which led Young to her crashing the truck into the home.

Calhoun County Sheriff's Office
Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

According to the Piedmont Police Department, the victim, who was in the home, was taken to the hospital for leg and ankle injuries. He was standing on the porch at the time of the impact and was thrown back into the house when the truck hit.

Luckily, the other two other people inside the mobile home were not injured. They were identified later as the victim's stepdaughter and her child- who were in the mobile home.

Investigators said the stepdaughter's mother was called and she came to home to check on her daughter. Young responded by grabbing the woman by the throat. Young's battered face is the result of grabbing that woman by the throat.

Young was charged with attempted murder, as well as two counts of first-degree assault. She was taken to the Calhoun County Jail on a combined $78,000 bond.

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