This Tripadvisor review of an Illinois Chuck E. Cheese location is pretty great, I cracked up huge. I always laugh as what gets people SO UPSET that they need to write a review. This one, isn't about the robot mouse or the greasy pizza...It's about, cups. Trip

Before we jump into this "cup" review, there's one above it on this Tripadvisor page. This one comes with a profile picture, and the story of apparently a husband and wife going to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. No mention of kids, or grandkids...Just a couple out for a pizza dinner and this Chuck E Cheese location was their choice, because another one had closed. So you just CHOOSE to go to Chuck E Cheese? It's not like there's a kids birthday party you are going to? Here's one of my favorite lines from their Tripadvisor review

We got a cheese and sausage pizza and though ptetty good, maybe not as good as a good stuffed pizza from a Nancy's or a Malnati's, or something similar, but it was good. - Allen21096

TPMvids Via YouTube
TPMvids Via YouTube

Dude, really?

OK, back to the "cup review." This is internet gold. There's nothing like NOT getting your free water cup. This review slams the overall experience at this Chuck E. Cheese, but if you just woulda gave Rhonda M her damn FREE WATER CUPS, you might have received three stars instead of two.

Never gave adults cups for water nor a pitcher. A grandfather of the party girl asked for cups and he gave them adult price cups and wanted to charge us for them!  Adult cups bought had terrible pop 2x. Sure wanted to clean up the cups though= no new just take away ours! Never asked about refills etc. - Rhonda M

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The pizza was good though, huh Rhonda?

 The food was great though! - Rhonda M


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