Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester Public Library is finally ready to seek bids for repairing the damage caused by a major water leak last fall.

The Rochester City Council voted Monday to authorize the request for bids for replacing the flooring and walls damaged on September 22nd when a problem involving a water softener sent over 3500 gallons of water flowing through the building in downtown Rochester. Library Director Audrey Betcher says the initial estimates put the damage above the $175,000 threshold set by the state for following a formal competitive bidding process.

Repairs to the auditorium were taken care of late last year as part of a separate project authorized by the city. Betcher says the city is working with its insurance provider to cover the cost of the repairs.

The bids for the work will be accepted through the month of January, and if all goes as planned, the work could start next month.

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