Have you ever tried to save something that really doesn't want to be saved? That seems to be what happened when an Illinois woman made a brave attempt to save some dumpster-diving raccoons. It did not seem to me that they really wanted "saving".

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Based on the video share on YouTube, this fun raccoon moment happened in Lisle, Illinois. The video share is new, but I don't think the video itself is that recent. Thanks internet for being you.

I'll give the lady credit. Considering how young the raccoons seem to be, they could have ended up in real trouble if the trash truck came by when they were still in there. But, did those raccoons really seem like they wanted to be rescued from the trash? There's a reason why they are affectionately referred to as "trash pandas".

By the way, if you're not familiar with that part of Illinois, Lisle is right in the heart of Chicago just a hop, skip and a jump from Downer's Grove. This is just me talking, but I think the raccoons might have been safer in the dumpster.

That being said, well done Good Samaritan Illinois woman. You tried to help and that's more than many people living in 2023 can say who would have just figured that the raccoons could fend for themselves.

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